reel_tw_mods (reel_tw_mods) wrote in reel_torchwood,

Extension Submissions

Hello, my ducklings. Work kicked my arse yesterday, so I didn't get a post up to see how the extensions went. I know we have two submitting today, so we'll be able to have two fics posted next week. I know blackbird_song needs a few more days. Anyone else?

If you are still planning to submit, please comment here and let us know when you anticipate turning the fic in so we can work on a posting schedule. If you are dropping out, please let us know.

Please see this post for submission and posting instructions.


Also, I know some of you are new and need author tags. I will be cleaning up tags this evening (while I watch the hell out of Age of Ultron) and will do a post when new tags are done so you can edit your posts accordingly. Thank you for your patience on this, your mods had a lot of things come up in RL this round and we are still catching up on all the things we wanted to have done by now.
Tags: !modpost, screening 8, submissions
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