reel_tw_mods (reel_tw_mods) wrote in reel_torchwood,

Check in Day!!!!

Hello again, lovelies!!

Please leave a comment on this post letting us know how you are doing with your fic. Again, this is very informal; a word count and/or percentage done would be fantastic, but we are really interested in knowing if you think you'll be able to finish by the August 31st deadline. Remember, the support comm is open if you need help getting past a nasty block and your faithful mods are always here if you need us. Well, I (faithharkness) am on cold medication, but I'm mostly here. Stupid con flu.

If you don't drop us a line by Saturday, we'll have to come poking after you. And we'd rather remain the laid back, fun mods. So give us a shout!!

Thank you,

bookwrm89 and faithharkness
Tags: !modpost
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