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Blackbird Song

Technogs, Space Whales and Battle Shoals

Title: Technogs, Space Whales and Battle Shoals
Author: blackbird_song
Prompt: Planes, Trains and Automobiles
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Talk of canon character death
Spoilers: Children of Earth
Word Count:12,600 ~
Disclaimer : I wrote neither Torchwood nor Planes, Trains and Automobiles. However, whilst I borrowed characters and describe a scene from Torchwood, I did create everything else in this story. PTaA was used solely for the sake of prompting a going-home story involving various methods of transit. I firmly believe that this does not in any way violate copyright law.
Summary: Jack found Ianto. Now how do they get home? For that matter, where and when is home and will the universe let them get there?
Beta: My husband
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to my story Finding Ianto, which can be found on LJ: (part 2 linked at the bottom)
and on AO3:
One does not have to read that story to understand this one.

Story is here on LJ:
and here on AO3:
Tags: author: blackbird_song, character: ianto, character: jack, genre: action/adventure, genre: comedy, genre: drama, genre: romance, length: 10k - 15k, pairing: jack/ianto, rating: nc-17, screening 8
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