faithharkness (faithharkness) wrote in reel_torchwood,

Submission Time!!!!!

Hello my ducklings!!

Today is the day! We need you guys to submit your lovely fics to us so we can mark you off and begin crafting the posting schedule. We've had a few people drop out and we may end up doing an amnesty round, so we may yet see those fics!

To submit your fic, e-mail us at reeltorchwood at gmail dot com. Please put your LJ name, fic title and film prompt in the subject line so we can easily cross-reference. Because I am going to be checking at work and I need to be as quick as possible when tabbing to the e-mail. (Ex: faithharkness, The Raggedy Children--The Avengers).

If something has happened (like backrose_17's roof caving in (she's fine)) and you need to send it in over the weekend, let us know. We can be pretty understanding. At least until I start mixing up the batch of Agent Coulson (Best. Drink. Ever), in which case I may be understanding, but thoroughly NOT understandable.

Love, your crazy mods.
Tags: !modpost, screening 6, submissions
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