faithharkness (faithharkness) wrote in reel_torchwood,

So close you can taste it!

Okay, there is some weird-ass code above where I started typing that automatically put itself in and I took it out, so if this post is bad, I'll know why. Also, post, why are you doing weird margins? Huh?

Anyway, we are almost there, kids. Friday is the deadline to turn in your fics to us. Once we have everybody in, we'll work on the posting schedule and e-mail you your posting date. If you have any conflicts (i.e., you know you're going to be at a retreat in the middle of Oh-My-God-We're-Going-to-Be-Killed-by-Cannibals and won't have interwebs, let us know when you submit your fic so we can work around that. We'll probably give you a date before your trip; you know, in case you do get eaten. We want the fic; we're selfish like that.

Good luck and we can't wait to see your magnificent stuff! I almost said "booty", but this isn't that kind of comm.

Or is it?

Smishes, Faith
Tags: !modpost, screening 6
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